{  Zenkashoin — 然花抄院  }

Zenkashoin 然花抄院
Zenkashoin 然花抄院
Zenkashoin 然花抄院
The above photo source for the sweets: www.zen-kashoin.com

A traditional Japanese sweets shop & tea house from Kyoto, Zenkashoin is located on the 5th floor of Shibuya Hikarie. Since Hikarie is still very much a new mall/building, the stores and shops are pretty crowded but my friend and I got lucky enough to get a seat here for tea time. We ordered the 1150yen tea set that comes with a drink of your choice (coffee, tea, green tea, matcha, etc) and a choice of dessert. The dessert is a small delicate size and it wasn’t too sweet. We liked the matcha castella icecream sandwich more than the matcha circular castella.

If you sit by the window, you will have a nice overview of Shibuya and the rest of the cafe still has a nice zen-like ambiance. They also sell their ceramic plates, tea sets, and more so you could take a look if you’re interested.

Address // 5F, 2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-6434-1517
Website // http://zen-kashoin.com/store/hikarie/


6 comments on “Zenkashoin — 然花抄院

  1. Hi Maki, I came across your blog in my research, as I’m heading to Japan for my honeymoon soon. Your blog is so beautiful! You have such good taste in food and in composition – I look forward to trying many of the food places in your blog! :)

    Jing on
    • Hi Jing, Thank you so much for your nice comment! Hope you have a great honeymoon in Japan :)

      maki on
  2. Had a look at their website the cakes and sweets look lovely . I will visit both places I think in Kyoto and Tokyo . I looked at the ice cream ingredients and it looked like some didn’t have milk but was unsure. Thank you again for all your great suggestions of places to visit my trip is in a few weeks I’m very much looking forward to trying out these places in your blog.

    Justine on
    • You’re very welcome! I hope have a great trip and hope it won’t be too difficult with your restrictions.

      maki on
  3. Hi Maki,

    I stumbled upon you blog and almost got an heart attack as i missed Japanese food so much these days! I am a Chinese who lives in the States and can I say i just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Japanese food. I am especially attracted by the exquisite composition and display of washoku, part of the reason may be that it shares similar cultural roots that can be found in Chinese culture, which is balance: in terms of taste, color and cooking method. We Asians Rock, don’t we?

    I used to live in LA and NYC where i have access to relatively more authentic Japanese food but ever since i moved to NC i have to make it on my own! I am a good cook, but boy do i miss those beautifully presented dishes in Japanese restaurants and those dreamy pastries in Japanese bakeries. Your blog is my must read everyday now! Keep it going and hopefully i can make my way to Japan next year!

    Cathy on
    • Hi Cathy, Thank you!! Glad to hear you enjoy my blog and hope you can make your way to Japan to enjoy some of this food for yourself :)

      maki on

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