{  Rapoppo — らぽっぽ  }

Rapoppo -- らぽっぽ
Rapoppo -- らぽっぽ
Rapoppo -- らぽっぽ
Rapoppo -- らぽっぽ

Sweet Potato lovers dream shop, Rapoppo (らぽっぽ) is located in many train stations and depachikas through out Japan such as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Tokyo Skytree town, Shibuya. I am very much a sweet potato person and this place sells yummy treats that satisfy my cravings.

They are most famous for their “Baked Potato Apple Pie” (焼きたてポテトアップルパイ) for 820yen and you can also get the Mini version for 525yen.

I also like their danish bars (おいもやさんのこだわりデイニッシュバー) which are 162yen each. It’s like a crossiant sugar sweet potato stick!

They also have different pies and treats during different seasons so you may see some that are different every time you visit their shop. Give it a try if you are into sweet potatoes!

PS: Another one of my sweet potato favs is this place.

Shop Locations // http://www.shirohato.com/shop/list_1.html#1
Website // http://www.shirohato.com/rapoppo/index.htm