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Mercer Brunch
Mercer Brunch
Mercer Brunch
Mercer Brunch

Miss E (my friend who you frequently see on my blog) and I went to this new restaurant/cafe that opened at the end of last year near Roppongi Midtown. “Mercer” is a restaurant brand and this restaurant is their new concept that serves “brunch” (but they are open for dinner too). The restaurant feels very airy and the tall windows bring a lot of natural light in which is great on a sunny day. As soon as you walk in, you’ll notice the great fire place which is the centerpiece of the restaurant. There’s also a small terrace seating where you can dine with pets allowed but it was a tiny section.

Mercer Brunch is known for their brioche french toast, which was quite good. You get to choose your main dish out of 9 selections (but for some you have to pay additional $$) + french toast for 1600yen. Since it doesn’t include a drink, it feels rather pricey for lunch, but the quality of dishes we got were good so we were satisfied with our meal. The ambiance was nice and cozy, the staff were friendly, and we hardly had to wait so overall it was a good experience. In case you are wondering, we chose the grilled chicken salad and salmon tartar for our main dishes.

Stay tuned for my next post where we went shopping and had a tea break near the same area :)

Address // 4-2-35, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3470-6551
Website // n/a


10 comments on “Mercer Brunch

  1. i love brunch! i wish there were more brunch places in japan.

    m on
    • I agree.

      maki on
  2. I am from nagasaki and left tokyo in 2010, I miss it, but you are doing a great job, keeping home alive.thank you.

    Maxine priest on
    • Thank you!

      maki on
  3. Hi Maki, Your sis-in-law(?) Vanessa told me about your blog site today at BBCC in Los Angeles where we enjoy dancing! I’m a native Japanese living in the US for over 20 yrs! My American hus, loves Yakitori and Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style). Look forward to trying some of your recommendations when we are in Tokyo this Sep. “Mercer” reminds me “Mercer Kitchen” in Soho. Thank you for all the good eats!

    Tomoko on
    • Hi Tomoko-san, hajimemashite! That’s so awesome, thanks for leaving me a msg :) Many of the places on my blog are the newest and trendiest spots in Tokyo right now so hopefully they will give you and your husband some good options to try when you visit next time.

      maki on
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  5. Hello Maki San!

    My husband and I love to try new places and dishes and your blog is our tour guide! Tried many places featured in your blog and they all turned out exactly the way you mentioned. Have had so many amazing dining experiences…all thanks to you!

    Amazing blog…amazing pictures!

    Arigatō !! :)

    Pree on
    • You’re very welcome! Thank you :)

      maki on
  6. Thanks for the posts with lots of eating ideas! I was surfing around web on some restaurants for our next visit to Japan! It’s so helpful and I cannot wait to try them out.

    Candy on

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