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Have you heard of this artisan French butter called ECHIRE?

Known as one of the best butters in France, it is served in the finest dining establishments. ECHIRE has a store in Marunouchi (near Tokyo Station) where you can buy their famous butter, croissants, madelines, financiers, ice cream and more. As soon as you walk in the door to the store, you immediately smell the rich scent of butter. You can’t help but want to try everything but as you might expect it’s a bit pricey. Both the madeline’s and financier’s cost 315yen/each. Apparently people stand in line to buy the croissants here and they sell out by the morning time.

This store is located at the ‘Marunouchi Brick Building’, a beautiful European-inspired brick building that is just oh so lovely. It’s a great place to come hang out with your friends and loved ones on a sunny day.

Address // 2-6-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-6269-9840
Website // http://www.kataoka.com/echire-maisondubeurre.html