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I’m not really into parfaits but I had the most beautiful and delicious Sakura parfait (9ooyen) from this cafe in Sangenjaya. Apparently it’s a seasonal dish which changes every month so you may not be able to try this exact one, but they are famous for their impeccable parfaits. The one I had was more Japanese style and it wasn’t too sweet but still sweet enough with a great texture. It was full of surprises from beginning to the end and I loved every bite of it.

This cafe opens at 2pm which is a little weird and they only have one menu item for lunch, the pasta lunch for 1200yen which includes a bite size dessert and coffee or tea. The pasta was also delicious so it seems the chef has been trained well. On the negative side, one of the waitress had a bit of a strange attitude which made the service feel below the typical Japanese standard level. Also, it’s a small cafe located in a regular residential building, so they won’t allow customers to wait for an opening if the restaurant is full. Despite the obscure location, it seems to be quite popular since we saw many customers turned away who were even willing to wait. Thankfully we arrived a little before they opened so we were seated with no issues. With that in mind, I recommend coming early or making a reservation if you want to dine here.

Address // 4-28-10, Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-6804-0425
Website // http://www.nicolasnicolas.com


4 comments on “Nicolas

  1. mAri~
    with bended knee, my hub& i thank u for sharing your lovely eateries and fetching food photos~
    thanks to you, we’ve enjoyed chef chen’s mapo tofu, paella at la bodega and look forward to many more…
    here’s a share for you

    oLiver on
    • You’re very welcome! I haven’t tried that udon place yet but thanks for sharing!

      maki on
  2. I love your website~ All the photos look gorgeous, and the parfait looks so yummy!

    Cynthia on
    • Thank you!

      maki on

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