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Mochinohana is a Japanese cafe located in the neighborhood of Yutenji along the Toyoko-line (next to Nakameguro). They are famous for their shaved ice created with natural spring water.

Their lunch menu is small. You have a choice between Ramen, Fish, or Nikujyaga for your main dish (including 4 different types of fish which is nice). All the meals come with rice (white, brown, or mochi), miso soup, and Japanese pickles. You can add a small salad for 100yen, and a drink for 100yen. Ours came out to be 850yen each since we ordered a drink for an extra 100yen – Totally worth it. The food was well prepared and good. However, there’s only one chef so it takes a while to get your meal.

We naturally had to try their shaved ice so we decided to get the Matcha green tea shaved ice for 600yen. It was huge, we should have gotten the small! It comes with their homemade condensed milk sweetener so you can decide how sweet you want to make it. If you are looking for a Japanese cafe experience, this may be a good one.

Address // 2-50-13, Nakacho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-6452-2387
Website // http://mochinohana.jp/


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  1. Maki San
    You are amazing! I really really want to visit all these amazing food places! Gosh!!!

    Shirley Wong on
    • Thanks Shirley!

      maki on

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