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This Chinese restaurant in Jiyugaoka has amazing chicken broth salt noodles (鶏白湯塩そば) which are similar to a golden chicken-broth ramen soup! The soup is delicious and it’s great that they give you just a little bit of rice so you can enjoy it as a porridge at the end.

Two of us ordered the chicken broth salt noodles (鶏白湯塩そば) lunch set which is a 3-course meal and the other two ordered the Shark-fin (フカヒレ姿煮) lunch special that is a 5-course meal.

– The Chicken Broth Salt Noodles Lunch set includes a steamed vegetable plate, main dish, and a dessert for 1500yen.
– The Shark-fin lunch special includes: a steamed vegitable plate, shrimp mayo salad, main dish, half sized chicken broth salt noodles, and a dessert for 3000yen.

I highly recommend making reservations in advance if you plan to come here. This place also currently happens to be the highest rated restaurant on a Japanese food review site in Jiyugaoka and I can see why.

Address // 2-8-21, Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3718-6436
Website // http://www.kageyamarou.com/


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