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Grano Delicatessen
Grano Delicatessen

Located near the entrance to Ebisu Garden Place is an organic deli called Grano Delicatessen which opened in September of 2011. They have many healthy choices to choose from and we had the dinner plate which includes two selections of your choice from the deli window case + main dish + brown rice or bread for 1300yen. For the main dish you can select a protein such as fish or meat, but this is also a great place for vegetarians as well. Since there’s not many vegetarian options in Japan, this is definitely a good option for those who are looking for good veggies. It’s an affordable and healthy choice despite its high-end Ebisu Garden Place location.

I really like their Honey Pumpkin Gorgonzola salad and their ginger lemonade hot tea. Not a huge fan of their desserts though. I’ve tried three different desserts so far but they were all just OK.

Address // Ebisu Garden Place, 4-20-5, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-5447-2800
Website // www.granodeli.jp/ebisu


4 comments on “Grano Delicatessen

  1. reminds me of lemonade!

    Jules on
    • That’s exactly what it reminded me of too!

      maki on
  2. I found their food a little bland, but I guess it serves a specific market that wants this kind of food.

    As for me, I miss Benugo’s a lot. Great sandwiches, the best coffee/coffee mixes in Tokyo by far.

    PX on
    • Yea, this place is great for when you want something more nutritious, healthy, and light. My girlfriends and I love this place. I never got to try Benugo’s but I’m always looking for a good Sandwich/Coffee Shop.

      maki on

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