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AEN Jiyugaoka
AEN Jiyugaoka
AEN Jiyugaoka

Found a nice Japanese restrauant in the midst of Jiyugaoka which is typically known for having more cafes and cute shops. We went here for lunch and it was a great experience: good food + attentive service. I had the wappa, which is a traditional Japanese dish cooked in special round containers made of thin wooden sheets. It comes with a salad, main dish, drink, and dessert for 1780yen. The other lunches were either 1600yen~1800yen and we thought it was a pretty good deal for the amount and quality of the food. If you are craving Japanese food in this hip town of Jiyugaoka, check out AEN :)

Address // 2-8-20, Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-5731-8251
Website // http://www.mosdining.co.jp/aen/jiyugaoka.php


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