{  Yasaiyamei — やさい家めい  }

Yasaiyamei -- やさい家めい
Yasaiyamei -- やさい家めい
Yasaiyamei -- やさい家めい
Yasaiyamei -- やさい家めい

This restaurant is located on the 3rd floor inside of Omotesando Hills. We visited during lunch time and quickly realized this was a popular spot for lunch as we had to wait a little before we were seated.

Yasaiyamei is famous for their fresh vegetable lunches and the restaurant is mostly filled with women. They have several lunch sets and the photos on their menu make their lunch sets look way better than the actual dishes themselves when they come out.

Ordered the seasonal rice set for 1690yen and the tempura lunch set for 1390yen. Considering how highly rated this place has been, we thought the food was a little underwhelming but still decent enough to post in case you’re looking for a place to dine inside of Omotesando hills. The portions are large but the dishes are a little pricey.

Address // 4-12-10, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-5785-0606
Website // http://eat-walk.com/mei/


4 comments on “Yasaiyamei — やさい家めい

  1. Aaaaaah… I’m missing so much that kind of food I’m missing so much when I came back to France… Japanese fresh vegetables, mushrooms, all kind of tofu and rices…

    Karen on
    • Come back to visit!

      maki on
  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful posts and photos of restaurants in Japan. We can’t wait to visit Tokyo soon.

    christina on
    • You’re very welcome!

      maki on

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