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Yakitori Akira
Yakitori Akira
Yakitori Akira
Yakitori Akira
Yakitori Akira
Yakitori Akira

Yakitori Akira is not your traditional Yakitori with skewers. It’s more of a “Chicken Cuisine” and it’s a place where you can eat raw chicken (aka chicken sashimi). Located in Nakameguro by the river, this smokey chicken house is quite happening (only open for dinner) and it gets quite loud. Seating is on the floor so for those of you who are not used to sitting on zabuton you may find it a little difficult to dine for a few hours.

This was actually my first time eating raw chicken and I personally didn’t like it that much. But for those of you who enjoy it or would like to try raw chicken, they have a fresh selection so you may like it more than I did. We ordered the 3800yen course and it was quite filling. They also have a grill that you cook your chicken and veggies on which is called a shichirin(七輪) and it gives this beautiful smokey flavor to the chicken which was good.

My favorite part was the tamagokake-gohan, which you basically swirl your raw egg onto your rice with a little bit of soy sauce and it’s delicious. (Tamagokake-gohan is an old school way to eat rice and it brings back memories of my childhood.) The course ended with matcha green tea ice cream and overall it was a nice experience but since I’m not that into raw chicken, unfortunately it wasn’t one of my favorite places. If you’d like to try raw chicken though, this is definitely the place to go. Also, during cherry blossom season, this restaurant gets quite packed as they have a beautiful view along the river.

Address // Riverside Terrace 106, 1-10-23, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo (map)
Phone Number // 03-3793-0051
Website // n/a


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