{  Tokyoen — 東京苑  }

Tokyoen -- 東京苑
Tokyoen -- 東京苑
Tokyoen -- 東京苑
Tokyoen -- 東京苑
Tokyoen -- 東京苑

Tokyoen is a yakiniku place that has a few different branches. We went to the one in Yutenji and had an amazing experience.

They have tons of different types of meat but we chose their most famous ones: the “10 second sirloin” and the “3 second sirloin”. As the names suggest, you only have to grill the meat for a few seconds and then dip it into several sauces of your choice and the meat literally melts in your mouth. The meat is oh so soft, we’ve never had anything like this. The “3 second sirloin” is more fatty than the “10 second sirloin” so we liked the “10 second” one more. We also ordered Kalbi and a few popular meats from the specials of the day. Everything was so good but we liked the Kalbi so much we had to get seconds. As for side dishes, we ordered the Kakuteki (radish that is pickled Korean-style), the Tokyoen salad, the vegetable kuppa (a rice soup dish), and Korean-style cold noodles. YUMMM. Finished it off with the Almond Jelly dessert for only 100yen. No wonder this place is so popular, we loved everything about this place- the presentation of the food (especially how the meat came out!), the ambiance, and the service.

The average price that people spend at this Yakiniku place is around 5000~6000yen per person. We ate a good amount but since we didn’t order any alcohol, our bill was much lower than what we expected (just under 4000yen per person). Not bad at all! Highly recommend this place for meat lovers, you won’t regret it. Make sure you make reservations.

Note: Closed on Tuesday. Restaurant opens at 17:00.

Address // 2-38-28, Nakacho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3793-3878
Website // http://www.toukyoen.sakura.ne.jp/index.html


3 comments on “Tokyoen — 東京苑

  1. Hi, I’m visiting Tokyo in a few weeks and, as a meat lover, I really would like to try this place. The location you visited is a little out of our way and I haven’t been able to find any of their other locations online. Do you know where the other locations are? We are staying in the Shibuya area and mostly sticking around there and Shinjuku area. Thanks!

    Meg on
    • Hello Meg,

      Their other location is at Otsuka, which is closer to Shinjuku but not that easy of an access. (Address)

      The Yutenji location is only actually only 3 stations away from Shibuya (take the Toyoko-line) so it’s not that difficult to get to. You could also take a taxi from Shibuya station which is only 10min away. If not, you can also take a taxi from Nakameguro station and it’s only 3min away.

      Just FYI, another popular meat lovers place is called “Yoroniku” — it’s more expensive but also has excellent meat. avg per person is 10000-15000yen. They are located in Omotesando.

      maki on
    • Thank you so much! We are very excited about our visit, and your blog has been so helpful for our planning. Thanks!

      Meg on

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