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Tokyo Ramen Show 2012

Did any of you visit the Tokyo Ramen Show 2012 that happened between 10/26~11/4? I almost missed this awesome event but got to visit it over the weekend when it was insanely crowded. The line to purchase tickets were so long, there must have been over a thousand people in line but it went by really quickly so no complaints here. It was a dream come true for ramen lovers like myself. Forty different ramen shops from all over Japan (and even from UK) participated so you could try out their tasty ramen. Based on how many people I saw, this event must have been a huge success. I stood in line for one hour to try the ramen from Akita prefecture (which happened to be the most popular booth) and it was delicious!

To see lots more photos from this event, check out tokyoeats.jp’s facebook page!

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