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Taste AND Sense
Taste AND Sense
Taste AND Sense

This cafe is my favorite new find around town right now. It’s about a 5~7min walk from Nakameguro station and it’s where fashionable creative and designer types seem to hang out. This cafe recently opened (in June 2012) and it’s produced by a clothing shop called “1LDK” which is across the street. The cafe is also connected to a new clothing/interior/home decor shop from the same owner.

I fell in love with not just the design of the space (especially the beautifully carved custom wooden chairs) but their food as well. Their food is simply delicious… The menu is very small but they do it really well and I am giving this place a four-star rating because the Rosmary Chicken Cocotto that I had was really a stand-out. The chicken is so juicy and soft, the side dishes were great, and it comes with a drink of your choice all for just 1260yen. What an amazing deal for this level of quality and freshness of food. The portion is not bad either. I haven’t tried their other dishes yet but my friend is coming to visit me from the US next week so this is one of the many places on my list to take her!

Address // 1-7-13, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-5728-7043
Website // http://www.taste-and-sense.com/


2 comments on “Taste AND Sense

  1. this place was major! i heart it so much <3

    jules on
  2. I have been to this 1LDK cafe too! Had a drink there, resting my feet after walking around the Nakameguro-kawa during hamani season.

    Maggie on

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