{  Sunano Misaki — 砂の岬  }

Sunano Misaki
Sunano Misaki
Sunano Misaki
Sunano Misaki

Found a lovely cozy curry house that serves authentic Indian-style curry. The place is tiny and only seats 8 guests at a time. All the details like the chairs, menus, and drink coasters have a nice handmade touch and the place is adorably decorated. Although the service was slow, many people happily waited in line. We ended up waiting about 30min outside and another 30 min inside before we actually received our food.

This place seems to be run by a husband and wife team and most of the regulars already know that the service is slow so they bring a book with them or kill time with their smartphones while they patiently wait for their food. We ordered the Lunch Set for 1230yen which includes 2 different types of curry. We went with the Chicken and vegetable. The portions are rather small but this place really knows how to make tasty Indian-style curry and you can tell that the owners really put a lot of love into their food. Everything was delicious and I already want to go back. Seems like the owners really love India and often travel there. The restaurant is frequently closed so make sure you check when they are open on their website if you decide to visit. They also have a take-out section (make sure you call in advance if you plan to use it).

Address // 2-6-14, Shinmachi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 080-4248-7720
Website // http://www.sunanomisaki.com