{  Oreno Kappou — 俺の割烹  }

Oreno Kappou -- 俺の割烹
Oreno Kappou -- 俺の割烹
Oreno Kappou -- 俺の割烹
Oreno Kappou -- 俺の割烹
Oreno Kappou -- 俺の割烹

In case you haven’t seen my post on Oreno Italian Jazz, I recommend reading it before checking this post out.

The Oreno group has been super popular in Tokyo with their affordable restaurants which provide unbelievable prices for what you get. Each Oreno series restaurant has chefs from famous hotels in charge and the only reason they can provide incredible prices is because most of the dining area is standing room only plus they only let you stay for two hours max.

I loved Oreno Italian and this is another great Oreno restaurant that specializes in Japanese food. Because the portions are a little smaller, you might eat a little more than the Italian Jazz but it’s still a great deal. Pictured above are:

– Mizudashi Gyokuro (水出し玉露) 1200yen
– Wagyu Sukiyakinabe (和牛すきやき鍋) 499yen
– Ebi Tenpura (海老天婦羅) x3 1280yen
– Carpaccio 780yen
– Renko Tai Sanshoyaki (レンコ鯛山椒焼き) 780yen
– Ageebishinjyou (揚げ海老シンジョウ) 480yen
– Daikon 480yen
– Nanbanzuke (南蛮漬け) 480yen
– Sabasushi (鯖寿司) 680yen
– Hojicha Pudding (ほうじ茶プリン) 280yen

There’s a 300yen music charge per guest since they have a live singer perform which I think is totally worth it. If you are near Shinbashi/Ginza and have time to wait in line, definitely check this place out! For tips on how to get a table, read my Oreno Italian Post.

Hours // Monday-Saturday: 3 – 11pm, Sunday: 3 – 10:30pm

Address // 8-8-17, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-6280-6948
Website // http://goo.gl/yo9Xeq