{  Imokin – 芋きん  }

Imokin - 芋きん
Imokin - 芋きん
Imokin - 芋きん

Are you a sweet potato fan? If so, you’ll love this. This Japanese dessert is filled with condensed sweet potato and it only lasts 24hrs from when you purchase it at the store! It’s best eaten freshly-made when it’s crispy on the outside and warm in the inside. If you save it for later, they suggest you toast it first. Give it a try if you’re ever near an “Imo-kin” shop. There’s multiple locations with the main shop in Asakusa as well as one inside of Haneda Airport. I happened to go to the one in Ueno inside of the Matsuzakaya building so that’s the one pictured here.

Address // Matsuzakaya B1F, 3-29-5, Ueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3832-1111
Website // http://www.mangando.jp/product/imokin.html