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CENTRE the Bakery
CENTRE the Bakery
CENTRE the Bakery
CENTRE the Bakery
CENTRE the Bakery
CENTRE the Bakery

I have never been to a “Toast” specialty store until I discovered CENTRE the Bakery and all I can say is it’s Toast Heaven!

I love Toast, bakeries, pastries, anything bread. So when I found out there’s a delicious high quality Toast Specialty cafe that opened in Ginza with lines out the door, I had to come check it out. (It usually takes about an 1-1.5hrs to purchase just the toast)

As you can see, the cafe/restaurant is adorable and has a nice ambiance. They serve 3 different types of Toast which they label on their menu “JP”, “NA”, and “EB”.

● 角食パン(北海道産の小麦粉ゆめちからを使用。湯種液種製法で作った食パン。そのまま食べるのがおすすめ)
● プルパン(米国・カナダ産の小麦粉を使用。湯種液種製法で作った食パン。そのままでも焼いてもおいしい)
● イギリスパン(北米産の小麦粉を使用。36時間低温発酵させて作った山型食パン。VILONで人気のバゲットレトロドール使用)

We tried the Toast Sampler with 3 different types of butter (they use gourmet butter such as Echire) that also comes with a glass of milk for 1050yen, Croque Madame for 1470yen, BLT Sandwich for 1260yen as well as the Club Sandwich for 1890yen.

The fun part about trying their toast sampler is that you can choose your own fancy toaster from multiple options which are displayed throughout the cafe. I have to admit it’s a little pricey for just Toast/Sandwiches (I mean who charges 6300yen for a beef cutlet sandwich?!) but if you are into beautiful high quality Toast, it may be a fun and unique experience to splurge and enjoy something different. Everything was delicious!

Toast Purchase Hours // 10am – 7pm (Toast may sell out earlier)
Lunch/Cafe Hours// 10am – 5pm
Dinner Hours // 6pm – 11pm (Different Menu. Don’t have Toast)

Address // 1-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3562-1016
Website // n/a