{  Azabushokudo  }


Azabushokudo is hard to find because it’s located in the middle of a residential area on the basement level of random building. If you weren’t looking for it, chances are you would pass by it and never notice it. This place was highly rated for their Omurice (Egg omelet filled with rice) so we decided to check it out. The place is so cozy, I imediately felt at home. I really liked that they weren’t trying to make the place look fancy or high-end despite being located in a high-end neighborhood. There is a down-to-earth quality to the place where you almost feel like it could be your mother’s cooking.

There were three different sauces that you could choose with your omurice: Ketchup, Demi-glace sauce, and White sauce. We tried the ketchup and the demi-glace and they were both good. I don’t know why but eating here gave me a nostalgic feeling. The tomato salad was surprisingly  refreshing and one of the highlights of the meal. Definitely will be going back to try their other dishes!

Address // B1F, 4-18-1, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3409-4767
Website // n/a