{  Matsurokuya — 御曹司 松六家  }

Onzoushi Matsurokuya -- 御曹司 松六家
Onzoushi Matsurokuya -- 御曹司 松六家
Onzoushi Matsurokuya -- 御曹司 松六家
Onzoushi Matsurokuya -- 御曹司 松六家
Onzoushi Matsurokuya -- 御曹司 松六家

Unbelievable cost performance! An A5-rank Kurogewagyu-beef lunch set for 1300yen 1500yen! in Roppongi.

If you are looking for the best lunch deal with a great traditional Japanese lunch experience, come here. This place is so popular that even though we arrived here by 11:40am, only 10 minutes after they opened, it was already full. We waited about 40 minutes until we got a seat, and many people were giving up standing in line as an employee came out to tell them how long it would be until the next seating. It’s nice because most of the seating is in private rooms with a traditional tatami setting.

Places like this are popular for a reason. How can you offer something like this for only 1300yen 1500yen! The meat was a little rare for my taste but my friends all loved it. You start by tasting the beef on it’s own first. Then, you’re supposed to enjoy it along with the condiments that come with it on the side. As you eat your rice, you’ll discover another layer of meat underneath it. After some time the servers bring you more rice to finish off your dish as Hitsumabushi (ochazuke style). The hot dashi poured over the rice and meat is like an entirely new dish. YUMM. Definitely give this a try if you’re in the area, you won’t regret it.

Note: Closed on Sundays. Lunch service: 11:30am-2pm (Often closes early as the lunch set sells out)

Update: Looks like their Hitsumabushi lunch set now costs 1300yen (May, 2014).

Address // 4-10-2, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3796-3369
Website // http://www.tokyo-rf.com/restaurants/r04/index.html