{  Sushiya no Yoshikan — すし屋の芳勘  }

Sushiya no Yoshikan - すし屋の芳勘
Sushiya no Yoshikan - すし屋の芳勘
Sushiya no Yoshikan - すし屋の芳勘
Sushiya no Yoshikan - すし屋の芳勘

We hadn’t had sushi in a while and had a craving for it so we did some research and decided to try this place and surprisingly had a great experience.

Ordered the “Matsu Nigiri Lunch Set” for 2500yen. The set comes with a starter, miso soup, pickles, chawanmushi/茶碗蒸し, 8 pieces of sushi, tamgao, negitoromaki (6 pieces), and a small dessert. Best of all, we didn’t have to stand in line or wake up early to eat there like we would have had to in Tsukiji. There were lots of locals dining there during lunch time and I have to say we were quite full and satisfied after our meal.

Here are their Nigiri/Chirashi lunch sets which are served only between 12pm-2pm for this special price:
– Ume(梅) 1500yen
– Take(竹) 2000yen
– Matsu(松) 2500yen
– Tokujyo(特上) 3000yen

If you’re looking for a decent sushi restaurant near Meguro-ku with quality fish at an affordable price, check out Yoshikan.

Address // 3-16-19, Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3793-6261
Website // http://www.susi-yoshikan.jp/index.html


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