{  Cherry Blossoms — Ohanami 2014  }

Cherry blossoms - Ohanami 2014
Cherry blossoms - Ohanami 2014
Cherry blossoms - Ohanami 2014
Cherry blossoms - Ohanami 2014
Cherry blossoms - Ohanami 2014

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful time of the year. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Tokyo right now and it’s just something we look forward to every single year. Everyone is just in a more cheerful mood and you see more people out and about. Just like last year, here are some photos from Yasukuni Jinjya (Shrine) and Meguro River :)

btw, for those of you who are traveling to Japan, you may have noticed that everything is a little more expensive as Japan’s sales tax went from 5% to 8% starting on April 1st, 2014. Unfortunately, it’s set to go up again to 10% by October, 2015…

12 comments on “Cherry Blossoms — Ohanami 2014

  1. Wow! I must visit Meguro River next time! So beautiful!! Envy~~~ enjoy yourself Maki and have a great spring~!

    Shirley Wong on
    • Thanks Shirley!

      maki on
  2. Hi Maki,
    Yes, I heard all about the consumption tax increase. I will be in Tokyo on saturday for a week. Can’t wait to see the Cherry Blossoms.

    Brian on
    • Hope you are enjoying Tokyo :)

      maki on
  3. Aaahh….Sakura time! <3 <3

    Your last photo is wonderful! <3 (Meguro)

    Karen on
    • Thanks Karen!

      maki on
  4. Agreed with Karen above. That last pic is amazing.

    PX on
    • Thanks PX!

      maki on
  5. Hi there. I see in the photos that there are food stalls lining the walkway–how long does this go on for? I am planning a trip to Tokyo next year but will only be able to be there until the 29th of March and was wondering if we’d be able to catch the cherry blossoms and the vendors then.

    Gee on
    • Cherry Blossom season is the most unpredictable event here in Japan. It could blossom anywhere from early March all the way to mid April for only one or two weeks at the most. It’s basically “luck” if you can catch it when you’re visiting. The “Demise” (Food Stalls) only line up during the week that the cherry blossoms are in full bloom so it just depends when the cherry blossoms are in season.

      maki on
  6. Are the food stalls only there during cherry blossom viewings??

    Great pictures by the way!!

    Bernice on
    • Yes, it’s usually only there during festivals such as Cherry Blossom season.

      maki on

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