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Naoshima 直島
Naoshima 直島
Naoshima 直島
Naoshima 直島
Naoshima 直島
Naoshima 直島
Naoshima 直島
Naoshima 直島
Naoshima 直島

“The Art Island”, Naoshima!

Have you been to Naoshima? It’s an island off of Kagawa, located in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. Perhaps you might have seen photos of Yayoi Kusama’s famous pumpkin? The island is famous for its beautiful collection of contemporary art galleries and exhibits and can be seen all in one day.

Access to this island is either by ferry or boat. We took the ferry from Uno and visited all of the places below. It’s a nice relaxing getaway for those who want to experience a little time away from the city.

– Art House Project:

– Chichu Art Museum:

– Benesse House:

– I Love Yu Bathhouse (I♥湯):

– Ando Museum:

– Lee Ufan Museum:

Will share a cafe we enjoyed on in my next post!

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  2. how many hours do you recommend spending there?

    Patty Hirota-Cohen on

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