{  Hirobun — ひろ文  }

Hirobun ひろ文 (ひろぶん)
Hirobun ひろ文 (ひろぶん)
Hirobun ひろ文 (ひろぶん)
Hirobun ひろ文 (ひろぶん)
Hirobun ひろ文 (ひろぶん)

I recently took a trip to Kyoto with some friends and had a blast! I’m planning to post some of the places we visited + yummy Kyoto eats that we enjoyed so stay tuned :)

Did you know there’s a place in Kyoto where you can have nagashi-soumen on top of a river while enjoying a waterfall view? (Note: it’s a seasonal event and is usually open between May-September). “Kibune/貴船” is located about 40min north of Kyoto Station by car and is all the way up in the mountains. It’s a place where people go during the hot summer season to cool down. The best part is that you can dine on top of a “Kawadoko/川床”, a man-made floor that sits on top of a river. Traditional Japanese cuisine (Kaisekiryori/懐石料理) is also available and is quite an experience surrounded by beautiful greenery, water, and nature.

Instead of having the kaisekiryouri, we opted for the nagashi-soumen which is a fun way to eat cold noodles. The noodles come sliding down a pipe that you have to catch with your chopsticks as it passes in front of you. They time it so you get your noodles one bite at a time and they make it so you’re only sharing your pipe with your own party so you don’t have to share it with other guests. We had a party of four so the noodles came sliding down 4 at a time and were spaced about a minute in between each bite. The noodles were surprisingly good and overall was a decent sized serving. We all loved the experience even though the wait was 2hrs long(!) It wasn’t too bad though because we visited the nearby Kibune-shrine and walked around the area during our wait. There’s also a covered tatami area next to the nagashi-soumen where you can put your legs in the river and wait. It’s 1200yen 1300yen per person which you pay at the top before you head to the waiting area.

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Address // 87 Kuramakibunechō, Sakyō-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 075-741-2147
Website // http://hirobun.co.jp/index.html


25 comments on “Hirobun — ひろ文

  1. oh!! I cant wait for the other posts! I am going to Kyoto in October! yeay!

    shirley on
    • :)

      maki on
  2. I ate at Hirobun a few years ago and loved it! It’s the only time I’ve ever done nagashi somen.

    Mandy on
    • Nice!

      maki on
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  4. Hello. I love your blog. Your photographs are so beautiful. I will be in Kyoto for two days and one night and would love to visit this place. Do you know if they are open in late October. Thank you.

    gloria on
    • Thank you! Unfortunately the nagashi-soumen ends at the end of September so they won’t have this available in late October. However, you can still dine at their regular restaurant (which is not on the river) if you want to try hirobun.

      maki on
    • Thank you for the information. We will definitely have to stop by and see this lovely place.

      gloria on
  5. Hello! I am excited to show my friends this nagashi somen place, but I’m wondering — how well can the staff assist English speakers? My Japanese is intermediate, so I should be fine, but I want my friends to feel comfortable and not intimidated.

    What do you think?

    Carrie Ott on
    • Hi Carrie, most likely the staff won’t be able to speak English but if you speak intermediate Japanese, you and your friends should be able to get by :) Hope you enjoy this nagashisoumen experience!

      maki on
  6. Hi!

    I’ll be heading to Japan in mid May and am hoping to get the opportunity to try nagashi soumen at Hirobun. What time would you recommend going to Hirobun to avoid long queues? Also, is the total cost per person 1200yen, or is it per batch of noodles that comes sliding down the tube?

    Thanks :D

    Charlene on
    • Hi Charlene, I just checked and the cost per person is now 1300yen per person. It is the Total cost and not per batch of the noodles haha (that would get too expensive!) Since you are going in May, it shouldn’t be too crowded yet but I would try going during the weekday instead of the weekend.

      Also, in May & June, they are only open from 11am-12pm, 2pm-4pm. (Don’t go during 12-2pm)
      Jul-Sep: 11am-4pm

      Hope you enjoy the experience!

      maki on
  7. Hi,

    I really love to try nagashi somen but however I’ll be travelling in Oct 5. Is it even possible they would continue to sell the noodles? ):

    Vanessa on
    • Hi Vanessa, looks like you are just going to miss it this year. The Nagashisoumen ends on 9/27 :(

      maki on
  8. Hi Maki,

    I would really like to visit Hirobun for their somen! I am just wondering, if it is still available if I visit around evening time (6.30/7pm)? Thanks!:)

    Stefanie on
  9. hi Maki, I’m wondering if they will resume serving nagashi-somen during mid November?

    Gian on
  10. Hi Maki,

    I will be in Kyoto in March.
    The somen will not be available yet?


    Jamie on
    • Hi Jamie, unfortunately it won’t be available yet :(

      maki on
  11. Hi maki

    I’d love to visit this hirobun place and try the noodles etc but I don’t speak Japanese and don’t understand it what can I do?

    Sarah on
  12. Hi Maki!
    Adeline here from Singapore. Can I ask what is the best way to get there from Kyoto station please? Have been told to take a train to Kibuneguchi station and then to walk to the restaurant. Would you know if the route is difficult to navigate or if there are buses available please? Also will it be possible to reserve a place at the restaurant for 11th May 2017? Thank you!

    Best regards

    Adeline on
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  14. hi
    ill be going to Kyoto in late april, do you by any chance know if they will be open around the 26th of april

    tania on
    • I just checked and their site says they will start Nagashi soumen on 5/1 in 2018. If you can visit then, you will be one of the first to go this year!

      maki on
  15. Hi! I’m going this end June, may I know how do we travel to this place? and do you happen to know the operating hours?

    Jasmine Teo on
    • 11am-4pm. Due to popular demand, their website says avg wait time is 3hrs. They cancel nagashisoumen all together if it’s raining that day by 10am.

      maki on

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