{  Hello from Nagano  }

Hello from Nagano
Hello from Nagano
Hello from Nagano
Hello from Nagano

Went to Nagano a few weeks ago and had a nice relaxing time there with wonderful farm-fresh food. Do you see how large that daikon is in the last photo? It’s so hard to find fully grown daikon with green leaves still left on it at local supermarkets here. I also got to try the kinoko soba (all sorts of wild mushrooms) that were hand-picked from the farm that morning and it was delicious. It’s nice to have an Inaka (countryside) to visit :)

2 comments on “Hello from Nagano

  1. love your blog — nice to get a picture of what life is like in tokyo!

    (random guy in san francisco, california :-) )

    dustin on
  2. I’ve heard the name daikon. I think it’s some kind of tuber (tell me if I’m wrong). What kind of food can daikon be processed into?

    Telkom Jakarta on

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