{  Hashida Honten — はし田本店  }

Hashida Honten -- はし田本店
Hashida Honten -- はし田本店
Hashida Honten -- はし田本店
Hashida Honten -- はし田本店
Hashida Honten -- はし田本店

Hashida Honten (はし田本店) is originally from Kyushuu and is located on the Keyakizaka side of Roppongi Hills. Their noodles are hand-made and they even use an old-school technique which involves stepping on them to get the perfect texture and firmness. Hashida Honten is also unique because they have a wine sommelier. You might wonder if udon and wine go well together but this may be your dream spot if you like them both. The restaurant is beautifully designed with a modern Japanese touch, and it’s one of my favorite hidden gems right now.

Pictured above is their “Shamo dashi (chicken broth) udon” (軍鶏だしうどん) for 1000yen. The soup is just so good, it’s a simple dish for people who really want to enjoy “udon”. The umeboshi (sour plum) is a nice palate cleanser as well.

Also pictured above is their “Shamo seiro and Chirashi-sushi Lunch Special” (軍鶏せいろとちらし寿司セット) for 1500yen. If you are hungry, this set will definitely satisfy you. You eat the udon tsukemen-style and the Chirashi-sushi that includes their dashimaki tamago is also yummm.

This udon restaurant is hard to find (Google maps is not exactly right on this location), you have to go to the Keyakizaka side of Roppongi hills and walk towards the back of the building near the Roppongi Hills Residences. Hope you get to try this place because it’s simply delicious.

Note: Lunch menu during the weekday has changed to only 2 options. 1200yen or 1500yen lunch sets. (Updated 2013.9.13)

Address // 3F Keyakizaka-dori, Roppongi Hills,
6-12-2, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3405-0809
Website // http://hashidahonten.com/


6 comments on “Hashida Honten — はし田本店

  1. It look like delicious! ^o^
    Aaaaa… I wan’t to travel back to Japan again ;__;

    Karen on
    • I highly recommend this place on your next trip :)

      maki on
  2. i love hand-made noodles and this place looks YUM!

    julie on
    • You would love this place Julie ;)

      maki on
  3. Hi Maki!

    Just wanted to say thanks! My boyfriend and I recently visited Japan and randomly came across your blog. Needless to say, we followed your recommendations pretty religiously and were more than satisfied.

    Thanks for curating this content!


    Ashley on
    • You’re very welcome!

      maki on

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