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We decided to splurge a little and celebrate our birthday’s together (both Miss E and my bday are only a day apart!), so we went to try this highly-rated Chinese restaurant in Azabujuban. From the moment I stepped in the door, I just had a feeling that it was going to be good as the staff presented themselves very well and the service was great from beginning to end. We made reservations for 1pm and the place was completely full when we arrived. (The picture above is taken after the lunch service was over and we were one of the last few guests to leave).

The food? Simply delicious. All of us chose the 3300yen lunch course which includes an assorted appetizer, 3 steamed dim sum + 2 deep-fried dim sum, stir-fried prawns, fried rice, and a dessert of your choice. Everything was well seasoned (almost on the strong side) and tasted authentic. If anything, the portion was a bit on the small side but we all enjoyed our meal.

The best part? Miss E had called ahead to the restaurant to make a little surprise for me with a Happy Birthday music performance by the restaurant and a special dessert plate! We had a lovely time and definitely would recommend coming here if you want good Chinese cuisine.

Address // 3-7-5, Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-5561-7788
Website // http://www.chuugokuhanten.com/storefureika/


2 comments on “Fureika — 富麗華

  1. Happy birthday! When was your birthday? Mine was yesterday (7th of June)

    Jen on
    • Thanks! Ours was at the end of May. HBD to you too :)

      maki on

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