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Thought I’d share some fun info for my dear readers!

As of today,
— The Top 3 Most Popular “Posts” are:
1) Maison de Reefur
2) Hacienda Del Cielo
3) Mother’s Shokudo

— The Top 3 Most Accessed “Categories” are:
1) Japanese
2) Street Food
3) Bakery

Beyond these, here are some of my personal recommendations for you:

— If this is your first time traveling to Japan,
1) Go to Soramachi and check out Tokyo Sky Tree.
2) Go to Ginza. While you are there, shop at Uniqlo and take a break at Rose Bakery which is connected via a walkway on the 7th floor.
3) For ramen lovers, eat at Ippudo. For tsukemen lovers, eat at Warito.

— If you’ve been to Japan more than once and you want to explore something new,
1) Climb the 3-star michelin-rated mountain Takaosan.
2) Take a day trip to Kamakura.
3) Go to Tokyo Disney Sea.

— If you just want some of the best food in town regardless of the cuisine, go to:
1) Frey’s Famous Pizzeria or Pizzeria Da Isa
2) Blacows
3) Ondoru

— Some of the places my friends have loved the most:
1) Aoyama Flower Market Tea House
2) Aila for lunch
3) Udon Yamacho

— Recommended for couples:
1) Aila for dinner
2) Shared Terrace
3) Ivy Place and Tsite

— For everyday meals you want to go back to (and which are kid/baby cart friendly):
1) Green in Daikanyama
2) Muji Cafe in Yurakucho/Ginza
3) Green Grill in Shibuya

— For vegetarian options:
1) Brown Rice Cafe in Omotesando
2) Grano Delicatessen in Ebisu
3) Midorie Organic Cafe in Gakugeidaigaku

— For anyone with a sweet tooth:
1) Quil Fait Bon
2) Melon pan 
3) Ginza Tatsutano

I can keep going but I’ll stop here for now. It’s interesting to see what posts are getting the most hits and what people are searching for on my site. It’s been fun sharing my favorite places to eat around Tokyo and these are just some of what I recommend but hope this helps you explore this awesome city just a little better ;)

In case you didn’t know, “Summary of All the posts” has a list of everything I’ve posted from the past in a glance.

PS: I’m off on vacation so I will return posting in about 2 weeks.
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PPPS: Can’t wait for Autumn to come as I’m quite tired of this hot & humid summer… here’s a glimpse of my summer fun :)


10 comments on “Fun Info

  1. Hi, Just came across your site. Your posts are interesting and the pictures on food are beautiful and look yummy.
    Have a great vacation.

    Bridget Soong on
    • Thank you!

      maki on
  2. where’s the last picture from? green tea ice cream? the left dessert looks so good.

    rich on
    • It’s from Nana’s Green Tea.

      maki on
  3. Great summary! Have a great vacation ! :)

    yf on
    • Thank you!

      maki on
  4. Have a great vacation…also here in Florida…looking for some cooler weather.

    Really love all your posts…want to come back to enjoy some of the places you post. Alas, I only got a tast of Tokyo while stopping on my way to Okinawa.

    Alaine on
    • Thank you! The weather is slowly cooling down over here :)

      maki on
  5. Hi Maki. Thank you for diligently sharing all your lovely photos and interesting places to eat. I find it very helpful especially a short trip to Tokyo. Earlier this year I used some of your recommended eats for my trip and enjoyed myself. I am planning again another trip next year and again am looking up to you so keep up the good work!! :) cheers.

    javapot on
    • awww Thank you! :)

      maki on

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