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Bistro Tama
Bistro Tama
Bistro Tama

We’ve been coming to Futakotamagawa more frequently as it’s less crowded and has many of the shops we want to go to. Got hungry at 4pm… so decided to snack here after choosing from many options in this mall. Ended up deciding on Bistro Tama, a French inspired bistro that I was immediately drawn to.

They had a “Mont Sant Michel Rice Omelet with demiglace sauce” for 1100yen so I got that and the other dish pictured above is the Bistro Tama European Spicy Curry for 1200yen. Both were pretty good and satisfied our empty tummy’s. The omelet was so fluffy that it felt like air. Loved the presentation of the dish too. They also had baumkuchen desserts so you can choose that for a mid-day snack too. Since the restaurant is on the 7th floor, you get a nice view of Futakotamagawa if you get to sit by the window.

Address // 7F Dog Wood Plaza, 2-23-1, Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3709-2105
Website // http://www.ccinc-love.com/bistrotama/index.html


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