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AW Kitchen

This was my first time in this new building in Futakotamagawa which opened last spring called Dog Wood Plaza (it has nothing to do with dogs) and I was impressed. It has lots of good stores, an amazing depachika (food floor), and their sit-down restaurant area on the top floor is not bad. I rarely come to this side of town but I gotta say, Futakotamagawa was happening. Anyhow, we dined at this pasta house on the 7th floor and had a pretty good experience.

AW Kitchen emphasizes that they get their produce from local farmers and as soon as you walk in, you’ll notice a middle island that has a small salad bar. It’s a pasta house but the great thing about it is that they have all you can eat veggies/salad bar. It’s not just your typical salad bar, it has everything from sauteed Japanese eggplants and pumpkin salad to grilled onions and potatoes. So basically, you choose a pasta dish of your choice, and which ever pasta you choose comes with an all you can eat salad bar. So it’s great for those of you who want to get a balanced meal with veggies in your diet along with a satisfying main dish since this place let’s you enjoy as much veggies as you want.

The simple basil and tomato pasta was 1280yen and the mushroom and Japanese radish and shiso leaf pasta was 1380yen. You can add 600yen to get a dessert and drink of your choice too. Check it out if you happen to be in Futakotamagawa.

Address // 7F Dog Wood Plaza, 2-23-1, Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-6805-6051
Website // http://www.dogwood-plaza.com/shop/702.html


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  1. Hello! I absolutely love your blog!!!! I was wondering what kind of camera you use for your posts??? :D Thank you so much!

    Sharon on
    • Thank you! I mostly use my Canon S100 point and shoot but when I have my DSLR with me, I shoot with the Canon 5DmarkII.

      maki on
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