{  Autumn in Tokyo  }

Autumn in Tokyo
Autumn in Tokyo
Autumn in Tokyo

Autumn in Tokyo is slowly turning into winter.

The leaves along Gaienmae Ichonamiki were beautiful this week. Hope you got to see these golden trees throughout Tokyo.

Stay warm :)

7 comments on “Autumn in Tokyo

  1. I am in love with your website!
    Amazing photography and reviews: )
    I’ll definitely be visiting many of the restaurants/cafes when I fly back home to Tokyo for the winter. Thank you for such an awesome blog!

    akashi on
    • Thank you!! Hope you’ll get to try some of these places when you come back home :)

      maki on
  2. Oh my…this autumn is awesome…can you give me date when i can see those beautiful trees?

    i love your pic and your clue about the food price..

    thanks for sharing :)

    vitarie on
    • It changes every year depending on how soon it gets cold, but this past year it bloomed during the last weekend of November.

      maki on
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  4. Hi Maki san,

    Thank you very much for sharing your blog with us all.

    As i’m planning to take my family to visit Tokyo in autumn, i’m very exciting to see the Gingko and enjoy all the great food in Tokyo.

    I have to place a order for your book. Hope it’s doesn’t take long to send to Australia.

    Big thanks again Maki!


    Lauren Tran on
    • Hi Lauren, Thank you & you’re very welcome! Autumn is literally the best time to visit. Hope you and your family enjoy your stay in Tokyo.

      maki on

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