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Yocco's French Toast Cafe
Yocco's French Toast Cafe
Yocco's French Toast Cafe
Yocco's French Toast Cafe

Yocco’s French Toast Cafe, a new place inside Trainichi (a cute little plaza in Jiyugaoka), opened last month (March 2013) with a concept of serving the best french toast in Japan. The place has a cute decor and it felt like it was going to be a promising experience.

We ordered the “French toast with poached egg and cheddar cheese” for 1400yen and the “Yocco’s Special French toast ~Scrambled Egg with Coquette Gratin of Seafood~” for 1400yen. Both came with maple syrup, red wine vinegar syrup, and pepper. We were so excited to try our plates but I have to say it was just OK. Our food sadly came served cold and the french toast wasn’t a stand out. Perhaps it’s because they are new so they may need a little more time to iron out the kinks. Their dessert french toasts looked good though so it might be worth a shot for dessert instead.

Address // Trainchi A101, 5-42-3, Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-5483-4600
Website // http://www.lobros.co.jp/cafe2?shop=jiyugaoka


5 comments on “Yocco’s French Toast Cafe

  1. this looks amazing!

    m on
    • :)

      maki on
  2. Just got back from Tokyo and Kyoto saw some beautiful blossom when in Kyoto so glad I made it ! Thank you for all our suggestions tried quite a few places on your blog so helpful !
    Didn’t want to come home:(

    Justine on
    • So glad you had a wonderful trip and got to see the cherry blossoms! Curious to see which places you enjoyed ;)

      maki on
  3. We went to the trailer market in omotesando and had Brooklyn ribbon fries. We also had tai yaki at ebisu. My favourite meal was at brown rice cafe I had the most amazing miso soup with my meal. We went to zen Kashoin but in Kyoto a beautiful place with a tea room and gallery. I bought some of the sweets and the dorayaki were so soft. Also spent many an evening in sunshine cafe at the teramachi shopping arcade in Kyoto worth a visit if your ever there. Also went to a place called vegan healing in shibuya have you tried it. My husband had a sesame noodle soup had serious food envy though my tempeh burger was good to. Just wish I didn’t have to go home love Japan so much.

    Justine on

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