{  Yazawa Meat Take Out Station  }

Yazawa Meat Take Out Station
Yazawa Meat Take Out Station
Yazawa Meat Take Out Station
Yazawa Meat Take Out Station

Did you know that you could pick up an A5 rank wagyu-beef bento by “Yazawa Meat” & “Blacows” at Tokyo Station?!

In case you are not familiar with this amazing wagyu-beef restaurant joint, they are famous for serving their A5 rank wagyu-beef (the highest grade given only to the finest beef) that is oh so tasy. “Yazawa Meat” in Gotanda specializes in hamburgs and steaks while “Blacows” in Ebisu serves delicious hamburgers.

We happened to be by Tokyo Station over the weekend so we decided to pick up a Yazawa Meat bento box for dinner. I’ve been wanting to give this a try and I was surprised to see that the Blacows takeout section had pretty much the same burgers available for take-out as the real shop. It’s perfect for those who are close to Tokyo station to just get their hamburger fix here.

I then walked over to the Yazawa Meat side and I was immediately sold on the hamburg bento box with egg. The customer in front of us got the “Double hamburg without rice” bento box for 2580yen and after going through all the options, we decided to do the same. After about a 15min wait, we got our warm bento box and headed back home.

The smell of the bento was killing me throughout my train ride… Once we got home, I opened it up and it looked OK. The bento was still slightly warm but decided to heat it for maybe 10 seconds or so and ate it with the 2 sauces that came with it. I am happy to report that it was yummms. The hamburg was very juicy & soft and the sauce went perfectly with everything. Loved every bite of it.

Their original restaurant location is famously crowded with long lines so if you want to try this delicious meat without too long of a wait and you happen to be passing by Tokyo Station right before dinner time, definitely stop by and pick up your bento box here.

PS: Tokyo Station is very confusing/complicated so if you need directions, ask where Daimaru (department store) is and then go to their B1 food floor.

Address // B1, 1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3212-8011
Website // http://www.kuroge-wagyu.com/dt/


4 comments on “Yazawa Meat Take Out Station

  1. Thanks for your blog!
    This is a great idea. I wish I found it sooner T_T, because I would’ve used your blog every day!! I ate a hamburger from this place today. It was very tasty =) !

    joanne on
  2. Hello Maki! I love your blog and I even bought your book. Enjoying it to plan my trip to Tokyo next Feb. Do you know what time does this shop close on weekends? The website is in Japanese and Google translate did not do a good job, I guess because many of the info in their website is not in text but jpg :(
    Thanks so much! PS: Congrats on your newborn. First Christmas and New Year as a family must be very exciting ^_^

    Felicia on
    • Thank you! They close at 8pm on weekends (9pm on weekdays). I suggest not going too close to closing time cause they may sell out earlier.

      maki on
  3. You microwaved A5-grade wagyu beef? lol

    Jago on

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