{  Warito — 和利道  }

Warito 和利道
Warito 和利道
Warito 和利道

I haven’t really found my favorite tsukemen spot because I’m more of a ramen person… I LOVE ramen but I think I’ve found the first tsukemen place that I actually want to go back to. This place was introduced to me by my friend who loves it and once you go it’s easy to see why.

The ambiance is Japanese modern, the service is great, and most importantly the tsukemen is really good. It seems that they serve pork broth soup for lunch and chicken broth soup for dinner. The broth is thick but not to the point where it’s too heavy. As my friend says, it’s a “hearty soup” and it just gives you the feeling of something like home.

Anyhow, I ordered the “Ajitama tsukemen” which comes with the flavored egg. I chose the cold noodle over the hot noodle (atsumori) and got the 250g. You can choose between 200g, 250g, and 300g and the price is all the same (tip: hard core tsukemen fans tend to order the cold noodles because they don’t want their noodles to get soggy). Since I eat slow, my soup cooled down and with the cold noodles on top I was regretting not ordering the atsumori. But then a nice surprise happened — the staff came out with this super hot black stone that looked like a black egg. You basically put that into your soup and it instantly heats it up again! I was really impressed with their noodles as well, they had a nice firm texture with good flavor. Turns out their noodles are actually made by Murakamiasahi-seimen, a famous noodle maker in Japan.

Hope you get to try this place out!

Address // 3-7-10, Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-5456-0278
Website // n/a


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  2. Thanks for this post and your blog. (found out about it via @IzakayaDining on twitter). After a pleasant walk alongside the leafy canals of Naka Meguro, lunch here went down a treat. I arrived at 13:30, thinking it would be open until 15:00 for last orders, only to find the shop taking the noren down early…I very nearly didn’t get fed! The noodles and soup here were excellent, almost as good as what’s served at Tsujita, Kanda, which I’ve come to regard as my favourite.


    Being another hot/humid day, I deliberately ordered cold noodles and poitely declined the offer of that black stone…I’ll be back later in the year to put that to the test.

    If you’re in need of more ideas on where to get find good tsukemen (&ramen) , below blog is usually very reliable. Here’s their “Best of the Best” link.



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  3. how easy is it to get to Warito from Shinjuku station, please? I have tried google maps buthalf of the infos is in Japanese, the other in English and directins are vague (for eg, turn right, , cross path, et but with no lar mention about tuning right on X street, tc)

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