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Udon Yamacho
Udon Yamacho
Udon Yamacho

Although it’s hard to find, this udon place in Ebisu is a hidden gem. Yamacho is an awesome udon place that serves two types of thickness for your udon so you can choose between thin or fat noodles. Neither one is really “better”, it’s really just a matter of your preference (though the thick noodles are more traditional). The Ebi tempura yakumi udon was great, and it’s really a steal for just 1000yen. Their curry udon was also 1000yen and they even give you a bib so you don’t get your clothes dirty. love it. We especially liked their dashimaki tamago (the egg dish in the top photo) for 680yen. The Tempura udon for 1230 yen was also good. The restaurant is small but their ambiance, service, and food were all top notch. It’s easy to see why this place is always crowded.

Address // 1-1-5, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3443-1701
Website // www.foodgate.net/shop_yamacho.html


3 comments on “Udon Yamacho

  1. Thanks for this recommendation! Good food and lovely atmosphere.
    Things I want to add that were not mentioned in this blog – they also have a nice selection of Japanese alcohol, as well as a well-translated English menu for all you non-Japanese speakers.

    Terri on
    • You’re very welcome! I didn’t know they had English menus, good to know :)

      maki on
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