{  Trattoria Il Figo Ingordo  }

Trattoria Il Figo Ingordo
Trattoria Il Figo Ingordo
Trattoria Il Figo Ingordo
Trattoria Il Figo Ingordo
Trattoria Il Figo Ingordo

A solid choice for great Italian food. Even though this restaurant is located on a random street in Roppongi, this place is quite popular and we noticed many people made reservations even for lunch. Perhaps it’s because the cost performance/price for the quality and amount you get is quite good.

For 1400yen, their set includes your choice between 5 handmade pasta dishes, a plate of all you can fit starters (you can’t go back to get more so try to put as much as you want the first round), a bread basket with a variety of breads, and a choice of multiple selections of coffees and teas (including a cappuccino or latte which is a bit rare). I was very satisfied with my meal and was not surprised as at all this place is so happening. If you want authentic good quality Italian, come here.

Address // 7-19-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-6447-2347
Website // http://www.figo-ingordo.jp/


3 comments on “Trattoria Il Figo Ingordo

  1. Hi, thank you for writing about the places to eat in Japan.
    My friend and I just came to visit Tokyo yesterday. Prior to this, we were doing some homework and came across your blog.
    We noted down quite a few places that you have recommended. And the first experience that we had today was Trattoria Il Figo Ingordo.
    We didn’t order much – just the soft shell crab and spaghetti vongole as we wanted to leave our stomach for other varieties.
    After our order, the waiter kept coming to us, trying to make us order more; for example pushing soda water, wine and other meat dishes. All were being turned down.
    We didn’t stay at the place very long and felt so glad that we didn’t order much as the food is so-so and over- priced. When we picked up our bill, we were very surprised that we were charged with Jpy400 each as table charges.
    Our overall experience is horrible.

    Danny on
    • I’m so surprised to hear about your experience. This place is rated quite high amongst locals here (even made the ‘Top5000’ restaurants on a popular review site — which is hard to achieve) and foreigners are often seen dining here so you probably had a different experience because you didn’t order their usual lunch set. In Tokyo, lunches on weekdays are usually known to have great deals because they are catered towards salary-men and locals that work nearby. In fact, this place is known for their high CP on their weekday lunches. Sorry to hear about this.

      maki on
  2. This is a great recommendation.. The food was AMAZING! The pasta was top-notch quality and so affordable. Service was really good too! I absolutely enjoyed into experience there.. Thank you for the post…

    Janet on

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