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Tokyo Eats Guide Book
Tokyo Eats Guide Book
Tokyo Eats Guide Book

The Tokyo Eats Guide is the Ultimate Guide for Foodies. It is filled with only my favorite places and eats in Tokyo and will save you countless hours you would typically spend researching and organizing your visit. I’ve done the hard work for you and provided recommendations on what to do and most importantly, in this city filled with thousands of restaurants, where to eat! Whether this is your first time traveling to Tokyo or your fifth time, this book has something for everyone.

Designed, photographed and written by me, this 60-page book covers some of the most popular neighborhoods like Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku, Omotesando, Meijijingumae, Daikanyama, Ebisu, Roppongi, Nakameguro, Gakugeidaigaku, Jiyugaoka, Kichijoji, Tokyo Station, Marunouchi and more. It contains my personal recommendations for each neighborhood such as what to do, where to go, where to shop and where to eat. I’ve included general dining tips as well as a section of exclusive content called “My Secret Spots” which I’ve never shared on my blog. Places I like so much I’ve purposely kept them secret – until now! It’s the ultimate Tokyo Eats insider guide to Tokyo with an emphasis on food… So if you’re a fan of my blog, this guide is for you!

More details:
60 pages with a soft glossy cover
8.5 inches x 5.5 inches in size
$16.95 USD


Shipping rates will vary depending on what country you live in.

I put a lot of love and happiness into this book, so I hope it helps you enjoy your adventures in Tokyo!


43 comments on “Tokyo Eats Guide Book

  1. Hi Maki…possible to get your book in local book stores in japan?

    Eva on
    • Hi Eva,

      The Tokyo Eats Guide Book is only available for online orders at the moment as I am self-publishing the book. I chose this company so that it is easier for English language speakers to purchase it instead of selling it through a Japanese site. Unfortunately, shipping will take longer to Japan, I apologize for the inconvenience.

      maki on
  2. Maki-san, this is great! I check your blog all the time and recommend some of your choices to my clients. I have the same question as Eva … can you get your book in the store here or is it just easiest to have it shipped to Kumamoto? :)

    Mandy on
    • Hi Mandy,

      Thank you so much! Unfortunately The guide book is only available for online orders from the US at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      maki on
    • No problem, Maki, I will try to order it to my FPO mailbox here at the US base in Japan. Looking forward to seeing it!

      Mandy on
  3. WOW! Congratulations Maki! ^O^
    This is a great great news! \( ^_^)/
    Thank you very much for your work! I’m going to buy one immediatly and spread the word to my friends ^_^

    I wish a lot of succes to your book.

    Have a nice day.

    Karen on
    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate your loyal support :)

      maki on
  4. congrats maki!!

    m on
    • Thank you m!

      maki on
  5. Congratulations on your book. Out of interest, within the data for each shop listing, do you confirm what the smoking policy is?

    WP on
    • Thank you WP. Apologies, my book does not include the smoking policies for each restaurant.

      maki on
  6. Congratulations Maki! And thank you for your fast shipping! I ordered it on the 13th and I already received it on the 19th! I’m all the way from Canada too! I’ll be visiting Tokyo and Osaka in December so I’m glad you published this light and handy book so I can take it with me when I’m in Tokyo. Keep up your great work! Hopefully I’ll see more yummy food posts before December so I can take my boyfriend there. Thank you so much Maki! =)

    Florence on
    • Thank you Florence! So glad to hear the shipping was fast. Hope you enjoy the Guidebook :)

      maki on
  7. Hello again Maki ^_^

    I received your book in France on monday, I was so happy, it made my week!
    I read it all and I loved it! ^_^
    The only thing now is that I’m sad (and hungry too!), sad not to be in Tokyo just now! ;__; Aaaahh! I want to stroll in Tokyo, in cute shops/areas and to taste all these yummy dishes again and to discover new ones thanks to your guide! ^o^
    I hope I can travel back again to Japan soon.
    I’d love to search for nice places along the Toyoko line and my heart stops when I saw “Les Grands Arbres”, the tree house! OoO (and hey! It’s in French in the text ^_- ). I must eat there!
    During my last trip I went to the Aoyama Flower Market Tea House (I discover it thanks to your blog) and I was in heaven! ^o^

    Well, thanks again and I will cherish your cute little book until my next travel.

    Karen on
    • Thanks for your feedback Karen! So glad to hear that you loved it :)

      maki on
  8. Is there a pdf of this book? I just landed in Tokyo and realized you made a book!

    Lucas Araujo on
    • Sorry, there’s only a hard copy at this time.

      maki on
  9. yeah! Congratulation! but i just landed to Tokyo and will live here for 2 years.
    please develop PDF version.


    Pooh on
    • I’ve had readers from Japan contact me that they already received a copy of their Tokyo Eats Guide Book so seems like shipping internationally doesn’t take as long as it says :)

      maki on
    • ok. will order it soon ;)

      Pooh on
  10. Hi Maki,

    Congratulations! :) I have just made an order for your guide from Melbourne, Australia. I will be travelling to Tokyo in July and hopefully get to enjoy some amazing Japanese food as recommended by you.

    Just a quick question, does your guide include website links of the restaurants or details such as Cash Only, Bookings required, etc?

    Thank you!

    Amanda Chang on
    • Hi Amanda,

      Thank you, and thanks for your purchase of the guidebook! Yes, I include the original website link to my blog post if it’s shared on my blog already as well as the address, phone#, and website to the restaurant as well. Most places in Japan are still very much cash only so you should definitely have cash with you at all times.

      maki on
  11. Hi Maki,

    I am new to your blog! I found out about your blog when I was googling how to get to Rinka’s shop Maison de Reefur and your site popped up in the search results. First off I just want to say what a lovely nice blog you have and I’m sooo glad to have found your blog! I am traveling to Tokyo for the first time this coming October and I just purchased your guide book. I’m very excited to receive it in the mail soon and use it on my Tokyo trip! Thanks sooo much for creating this book. I can’t wait to use it in Tokyo! =)

    sweet_honeydew on
    • Thank you so much, hope you enjoy the guidebook!

      maki on
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  13. Maki~I’ve been a big fan of your blog for ages, I couldn’t believe I missed the news of your new book until today! I just ordered my copy and am very excited for it to arrive! Keep up the good work and congrats~~~

    Kitty W on
    • Thank you Kitty!

      maki on
  14. Hello! I just came across your blog! I love all the recommendations and would love to order the book. I was wondering do you have directions in the book? A lot of the places require walking and for someone who is not familiar with the area or without internet it is hard to find these locations without exact directions. Thanks!

    Amy on
    • Hi Amy, unfortunately there is no detailed directions in the guide book since there are so many different ways to get to each location.

      maki on
  15. HI! I just found your site through many searches. A few pages in and I was convinced I should purchase your book! My girlfriend and I will be arriving in Tokyo on May 12th so I hope the book arrives on time! Thanks for all the info!

    Would you like to have lunch? ;)

    Jennifer on
    • Thank you for your purchase! Hope you enjoy your trip to Tokyo :)

      maki on
  16. Hi..
    I just love your blog. And you have inspired me to start my own. Would you be able to tell me how you started your blog, if it was through a website setup?

    Thank you

    Farah on
  17. So I just discovered the book, but I fly to Japan on honeymoon from the UK this week and post from the US will be late, shame because this looks great. Guess we’ll just have to stick to the online blog!

    Simon on
    • awww, maybe next time. Hope you have a lovely honeymoon in Japan :)

      maki on
  18. Is it avaliable online? Like pdf or similar at any cost !!! :-(

    Thanks in advance !

    Sergio Serrano on
    • No PDF at this time, sorry! The book is sold through an online shop though. Hope you can get a copy :)

      maki on
  19. Hi Maki,

    I just came across your book while searching for Japanese cooking schools. I am currently studying French cuisine in Bangkok, Thailand and want to learn basics of Japanese cuisine so much. Since you are knowledgable about foodie things in Japan, could you give me suggestions? I am looking for a real culinary school which teaches technique and has something short
    maybe 2 weeks. Not looking for tourist school that does 3 recipes :) Thank you for your excellent advice!


    Angelica Martin on
    • Hi Angelica, unfortunately I am not familiar with culinary schools here so I won’t be able to help. Sorry!

      maki on
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  21. Hello! Maki,

    One problem I find when in Japan is not knowing if a restaurant accommodates people who do not speak fluent Japanese. Are most of your suggested places open to foreigners or non-Japanese speakers. Is it noted in your book?

    Thanks! Christina

    Christina on
    • Unfortunately most places in Japan are not foreigner friendly. However, the menus often times have photos and a few places will have English menus so hopefully you can get your way around.

      maki on
  22. Any chance for an Electronic Copy? Just found your blog and leaving for Tokyo in 2 days!

    Any suggestions for after work eating/drinking izakaya places? Only have 2 free nights (Tue.Wed). Been to Gonpachi, it was fun but prefer alternative.


    JK on
  23. Hi ,

    if i buy can you send a copy in japan add . just saw your blog and i want to buy it .

    adeli on

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