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Tsukemen with organic veggies?!


Camino is located In the residential neighborhood of Ikejiriohashi/Mishuku (right next to Shibuya). It’s a small shop that serves tsukemen along with organically grown vegetables from the Tochigi prefecture. Just take a look at the amount of beautiful fresh vegetables in the dish pictured above! Some are served raw while others are grilled. Every single veggie also had a strong flavor to it which made it even more delicious.

This shop has a few different broths of ramen and tsukemen, but they are famous for their vegetable tsukemen dish. We ordered the “Vegetable tsukemen + egg + Futsumori(regular amount of noodles)” for 1250yen and “Shio Vegetable Tsukemen”(1050yen). Since it comes with a lot of veggies, their regular tsukemen comes with slightly less noodles so most men tend to order the “Futsumori” for an extra 100yen. In fact, I didn’t get the futsumori and regretted since I found myself wanting more noodles! Both broths were yummy but we liked the original tsukemen broth a little more. Their broth is made from tonkotsu + gyokai = pork broth + fish broth.

Ramen and tsukemen tend to be considered an unhealthy choice nutrtion-wise, but when you include this much veggies in your meal, you don’t feel quite so bad. This tsukemen might have become my personal fav already. yummmmm

Address // 2-11-33, Mishuku, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3487-0694
Website // http://blog.livedoor.jp/camino_noodle/