{  Toyoko Fukutoshin Line Connected  }

Toyoko Fukutoshin Line Connected
Toyoko Fukutoshin Line Connected

On March 16, 2013, the new Shibuya Station opened connecting the Toyoko and Fukutoshin train lines. This has been huge news all over Tokyo and although this is not related to food I wanted to give you all a little more information on this.

It was rather hard for people who have been using the 48 year-old Shibuya station building to say their farewells as the above ground station has now been replaced by a new underground one on the B5F level. In light of this new opening, there will also be some special events held at Shibuya station:

★ The “Toyoko Line Shibuya Special Park” event will happen for only 3 days from March 22~24. For those of you who are train fans, this seems like it will be the event to check out as they will show case classic trains from the past and much more.

★ Uniqlo is having a special UT pop-up from March 28~April 7.

Although this new change has been causing some confusion and frustration at the new Shibuya station during the first few days, people seem to be generally in favor of it and are pleased about this new connection. Since I am a heavy Toyoko-line user, I will be definitely be making trips using the new Fukutoshin line connection.

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