{  Aoyama Flower Market Tea House  }

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House
Aoyama Flower Market Tea House
Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House was beyond Ah-mazing. This beautifully put together tea house is located inside of a flower store. If you are just passing by, you would never know such a gem is inside. But because of that it’s still the best kept secret in town. Actually, this tea house only recently opened less than 3 months ago. We were in awe of how much thought was put into creating this space. The tables are transparent so that you can enjoy the fresh flowers beneath them – some tables even have tiny holes in them for white roses to peek out above the glass like a vase.

Though they only offer tea (no coffee), they have a large variety including herbal, dry herbal, and special seasonal teas. They also have a small food selection – which happens to include the most delicious french toast I’ve ever had (the food rating is strictly based on the french toast we had). It was so good that my friends and I had to order another plate before the first plate was even done – and we noticed the lady behind us did the same! The service is very slow since they are under-staffed, but it’s brand new, so I can definitely look past that. The ambiance, food, and tea were so perfect together that you’ll almost certainly find yourself not wanting to leave. We certainly didn’t!

Address // 5-1-2, MinamiAoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3400-0887
Website // www.afm-teahouse.com