{  Isehiro — 伊勢廣  }

Isehiro -- 伊勢廣
Isehiro -- 伊勢廣
Isehiro -- 伊勢廣
Isehiro -- 伊勢廣

Time for some yakitori?

There’s a ton of yakitori places in Tokyo but where can you go that is both good and affordable? I previously shared Yakitori Nenohi from Ga-do shita which I still think is a great place to experience a very Japanese Izakaya-style yakitori, but I found another spot that I also recommend.

You would never know there’s a yakitori place here as it’s quite old school and is located in the underground floors of Hotel New Otani (which is a maze!). Isehiro is one of those yakitori places that has been around for ages. The place feels old but there’s something comforting about it and the service was good.

We ordered the “5 sticks yakitori lunch plate set” for 1785yen. The choice of yakitori are all decided for you but if you want to switch something out, they will happily do it for you. They also give you a choice of recieving all your yakitori sticks at once or one at a time.

We decided to ask for all 5 yakitori sticks from our set to come at the same time but since I’m not a fast eater, my 4th and 5th one’s were cold by the time I ate them so perhaps I should have gotten them one at a time. Also, I was full by my 4th stick so I should have ordered one less. All in all, everything was good and my favorites were momo (thigh) and negiyaki (green onions wrapped with chicken thigh). If you are by Yotsuya, Kojimachi, Nagatacho or Akasakamitsuke, stop by Hotel New Otani and give this place a try.

Address // Hotel New Otani B1F, 4-1, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3221-4101
Website // http://www.isehiro.co.jp/otani.html