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24/7 Restaurant
24/7 Restaurant
24/7 Restaurant
24/7 Restaurant

24/7 Restaurant is a great family friendly cafe located in Minato Mirai. I heard a lot about how popular this place is amongst moms before visiting but once we got there, it was clear that literally every group dining here had a young child or a baby.

The place is decorated beautifully and although it’s very kid friendly, it still has a sophisticated and stylish touch to it. Can you believe their high chairs are the Stokke high chair?? fancy.

The best part of their lunch is that all the meals include a drink bar (that is all-you-can-drink) and all-you-can-eat bread. It was amazing. I got up so many times to refill or get a different drink and kept getting unlimited freshly baked bread. mmm Not to mention the food was also pretty good. The kabocha lasagna (1300yen) was delicious and filling. The breads were surprisingly all very good too.

If you are looking for a family friendly option in Minato Mirai, I highly recommend this cafe/restaurant. This place seems to always have long lines so prepare to wait in line or come right when it opens.

Hours // 11:00am – 11:00pm

Address // Queen’s Square 2F, 2-3-8, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 045-222-6522
Website // http://commercial-art.net/wp/tokyo/247restaurant/