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Our friends and I went to get Taiwanese-style hot pot in Jiyugaoka and had a delicious meal. They call this “Yakuzen-nabe” in Japanese which literally translates to herb-style hot pot. It uses all sorts of herbs and minerals that are supposed to be good for your skin and body and is very popular amongst women.

We were a party of four so we got two hot pots which cost 1780yen each. You choose two flavors for your soup base: “chicken broth soup/疲労回復 烏骨鶏スープ”, “soy soup/美肌豆乳スープ”, or “spicy detox soup/デトックス火鍋スープ”. Not sure if you can tell from the photos above but we both selected “soy soup” for our first choice, and chose “chicken broth soup” for one of the pots and “spicy detox soup” for the other so we could try all flavors. They all tasted completely different and we really enjoyed all of the soup bases.

The Hot pot set comes with 18 different kinds of ingredients and the server explains what each one is as as they place them in the pot to cook. We had never heard of most of the ingredients before but everything was good and we really enjoyed our lunch. We ended our meal by adding noodles for an extra 220yen. (You can add brown rice for an extra 330yen or add more soup for 300yen as well). Although it’s in Japanese, they explain all the ingredients and health benefits of this hot pot here if you are interested.

It may seem like a lot of food but all of us weren’t quite FULL after our meal so we were able to fit in some dessert afterwards. Luckily for us this awesome town of Jiyugaoka had so many cute cafes and treats to choose from ;)

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