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Daikanyama T-site
Daikanyama T-site

This is another Bonus post :) (From time to time I may post non-food related posts just to share some of the sights in Tokyo) I thought I’d share this new area which is related to my other post about Ivy Place. Daikanyama T-Site is a brand new area that opened in December, 2011. It’s not large of a space and there’s not too much to do there but it does have the most beautiful TSUTAYA book store I’ve ever seen. You can spend hours in there just thumbing through books, browsing magazines or listening to music.

The 2nd Floor of the bookstore has a very sheek lounge area which serves tea, desserts, and light snacks. Every table has an iPad that has the lounge menu on it (there are no paper menus!) and the walls are lined with expensive memorabilia including original Picasso drawings and rare books. As you can imagine, this lounge is not cheap – it’s close to $10 for just a tea or coffee. However, There’s also a Starbucks reserve located on the first floor of the bookstore if the lounge upstairs is too pricy.

The outside area is a very dog friendly place – it has machine for washing dogs, a small dog park to let dogs roam free, a dog hair salon and a leash holder so that pet owners can spend time in the shops and leave their pets outside. Clearly the designers of this new area wanted to attract the pet-owners!

Here’s a brief guide to the photos above:
01. — An art installation inside TSUTAYA made out of the same wrapping paper they use to wrap anything you buy in the store.
02. — The kids books section inside TSUTAYA.
03. — Dog leash holder
04. — fully enclosed dog park (with a giant art piece connecting the inside and outside of the play area)

Address // 16-15, Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Website // tsite.jp/daikanyama