{  Mister Donut – Pon De Ring  }

Mister Donut - Pon De Ring
Mister Donut - Pon De Ring
Mister Donut - Pon De Ring
Mister Donut - Pon De Ring

“Mister Donut” is THE donut chain of Japan and I’m sure many of you have seen it or tried it. I was never a huge fan until my discovery of “Pon de ring”. This donut that has this amazing “mochi mochi” texture, a totally unique donut experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

I’m writing about Mister Donut because it’s a Japanese staple and I’ve been on a “pon de ring” craze lately… It has a unique shape and it comes in many flavors but I always go back to the regular glazed one. It’s 126yen but they were having a donut sale for 100yen when I visited(!) so I ended up going three days in a row. sigh*

As numbered above,
01. Pon de Lion Donut, a 10 year pon de ring anniversary special edition – 189yen
02. Pon de ring Nama, a 10 year anniversary special – 136yen
03. Pon de ring – the regular glazed – 126yen
04. Pon de chocolat – 126yen

They have many more pon de ring flavors and they currently have some cherry blossom specials as well. Give it a try if you’re near a Mister Donut :)

Website // http://www.misterdonut.jp/