{  Yurakucho Yakitori Nenohi  }

Yurakucho Nenohi
Yurakucho Nenohi
Yurakucho Nenohi

I asked a friend if they could take us out to an ultimate Japanese salary-man experience along with some good food and we ended up at “ga-do shita” (“underneath the railroads”) in Yurakucho. I’ll have more pictures just of “ga-do shita” in a different post – here.

There’s a ton of options all packed into a small area hidden among small alleyways, but we decided to check out this Yakitori place called “Yurakucho Nenohi”. The place was filled with Japanese Salary-men who had just finished work and were all enjoying their beer and yakitori. The food was all good and cheap – about 160yen each for Yakitori. The place is very small so be prepared to literally sit right next to a few strangers. The restaurant also allows smoking so if you are a non-smoker, it might get a little smoky. Actually, the place is already smoky with all the Yakitori smell so make sure you wear something you don’t mind getting stinky in!

Address // 2-3-3, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3571-9132
Website // n/a


{  Yurakucho Ga-do Shita  }

Ga-do Shita
Ga-do Shita

Yurakucho’s “Ga-do Shita” is an area with many Izakayas and Yakitori restaurants hidden away literally underneath the railroad tracks. As a result, when you visit this area you can expect to hear the JR and bullet trains passing by above you. Most people traveling on the trains would have no idea what they’re passing over, but in this somewhat mysterious part of Tokyo lie some hidden spots.

We visited Ga-do Shita on a day after it snowed in Tokyo so it was quite empty, but it is typically packed with salary-men drinking away the night. During the summer time, everyone sits outside in the open space and it becomes very lively and loud.

Check out Yurakucho Nenohi if you’re in the area. We enjoyed it!