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There are many curry houses and different varieties and types of curry in Japan, which makes it difficult to consider one as your favorite. I’ve been in a curry phase lately and have been trying a lot of good places but I think I’ve finally found one that really stands out from the rest. It doesn’t really fit into any of the typical categories of curry but something about it is just so comforting and tasty.

It’s located in an random side alley in Gakugeidaigaku, and this tiny curry house seats only 8 customers at a time. The best thing on the menu is their Chicken Curry. The Curry set includes a salad, brown rice, and curry with 3 toppings of your choice for 1500yen. It’s soupy, flavorful, spicy, hearty, and homey all in one! Aside from the toppings of your choice, the curry also has generous amounts of tender chicken mixed in.

The topping choices are: eggplant, mini tomato, okra, caggabe, shimeji-mushroom, spinach, onsen-tamagao (egg), flavored egg (dipped in nam pla), homemade fried garlic, zucchini, camembert cheese, potato, cilantro, pumpkin, and mushroom. My favorite ingredient hands down is the camembert cheese. It might sound like a strange ingredient for a curry, but it really melts into the spicy curry and it’s just SO good.

They also sell banmi sandwiches and bagels too. Seems like the owner of this place also owns Star bagels so that’s probably why they sell it here? The sandwich pictured above is the “Honey Lemongrass & Chicken” banmi sandwich (500yen).

This is not a place to come with a big party but if you are looking for a hearty comforting curry with a friendly owner, I highly recommended this place. They also do take out orders.

Address // 2-8-21, Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3760-0655
Website // http://www.spice-you-up.net/


6 comments on “Sync

  1. I am curious about those curries in Japan. I know curries in their indian versions but have no clue of their Japanese ones. Would you say they do not compare at all?

    S Lloyd on
    • Yes, they are completely different. However, Sync’s curry is not your typical Japanese curry either.

      maki on
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  3. this seems so interesting and so delicious!!! Hope to try them on my next trip!

    shirley on
  4. I LOVE your artistic ability in photo shoot! u need to publish your own Tokyo foodie book!

    shar g on
  5. Maybe you can be more specific in ” how to go” to the eatery. I will be travelling alone and by their metro/jr . The station exits should be helpful :)

    Meg on

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