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Midorie Organic Cafe
Midorie Organic Cafe

Found a nice organic cafe right by Gakugeidaigaku station. Their food is good, ambiance is nice, and for the price I can definitely picture myself coming here often. They have a daily special that includes a salad with 15 different types of veggies, a main dish (changes daily), seasonal soup, brown rice or bread, and a small drink all for just 1150yen. Their fluffy omurice with lots of veggies marinated in tomato sauce also includes a salad and small drink for 1050yen. Their organic muffin lunch set with salad is 950yen. Everything I’ve had so far has been good and I especially enjoyed their rosemary black pepper organic muffin.

They also serve desserts as well as pastries to take home. Come check out this cafe if you are ever in this area.

Address // 3-4-18, Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3711-7305
Website // http://www.midorie-organic.com/cafetop.htm


4 comments on “Midorie Organic Cafe

  1. everything looks so healthy and delicious. the veggies in the soup and salad look mighty fresh. yum!

    Jules on
    • Their rosemary black-pepper muffin was delish!

      maki on
  2. Hi Maki San, thank you for all these nice foods and photos. All the shops has beautiful foods and design.
    I love Japan and foods! Please share more with us :)

    yf on
    • Thank you so much! :)

      maki on

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