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Kitchen Bon
Kitchen Bon
Kitchen Bon

After our meal, we decided to tea at Quil Fait Bon Daikanyama which is only 4 minutes walking distance.
Quil Fait Bon

Kitchen Bon is an old restaurant that has been around for years and is owned by a stubborn old man and his very nice wife. Although the building that the restaurant is in seems like it’s modern and new, you will feel like you’ve traveled back in time as soon as you walk inside.

This restaurant is most famous for their borscht, a slowly stewed soup that originated from Russia. Neither my friends nor I have ever had this type of soup so after reading great reviews about it as well as how legendary Japanese singer Misora Hibari and legendary Giant’s coach Mr. Nagashima were both regulars here, we knew we had to try it. They also serve curry, pork/chicken cutlets, hamburg steak and all sorts of other dishes which are highly rated by others.

Anyhow, we decided to order the borscht (1470yen) + homemade dark rye bread with butter (around 300yen) which was recommended with the soup. We weren’t sure what to expect (or how authentic it was) but all of us agreed that it was absolutely delicious. Our first impression was that it looked like a heavy soup since it was a dark color with chunks of potatoes and cream on top. But as soon as we took a sip of it, we realized that it’s a hearty, salty, and strong-flavored soup that’s addictive and the rye bread which absorbs the soup so well when you dip it is the perfect side dish. All I can say is it was satisfying and although it’s a little pricey for just soup and bread, it was worth trying and experiencing a new cuisine.

After this meal, my friends and I walked over to nearby Quil Fait Bon for some tea and delicious fruit tarts to continue our chit chat ;)

Address // 1F, 1-3-11, Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3461-8538
Website // n/a


10 comments on “Kitchen Bon

  1. that’s so funny you mention that he’s stubborn! is that his reputation?

    <3 qu'il fait bon.

    m on
    • He raised his voice (at his wife) in front of all of us…sigh! I then read a few reviews that he could be grumpy and stubborn which we totally saw…

      maki on
  2. I’ve walked by Kitchen Bon so many times and have been tempted to go in, but the prices are too high for my wallet. Oh well, I guess I will have to live vicariously through you. Thanks again for the great posts.

    PX on
    • We probably wouldn’t feel comfortable ordering their other dishes as well but the borscht was reachable pricing so we gave it a try…:)

      maki on
  3. Great review Maki. I am a big fan of your blog. I,ll add this to my list of places to visit in Tokyo

    S Lloyd on
    • Thank you!

      maki on
  4. hi! I really enjoy reading your blog and pictures. What camera do you use to take your pictures?

    Jenny on
    • Thank you! Most of the photos (including this post) are taken with the Canon P&S S100. When I do have my DSLR with me, I use the 5DMarkII.

      maki on
  5. Tokyo Eats has become my favorite food blog! I absolutely love how thorough you are with your reviews. I’ll definitely be trying some of the restaurants featured on here the next time I’m in Tokyo. :)

    Tiana on
    • Thanks so much!

      maki on

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