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A Day Trip to Kawagoe: Part 2
A Day Trip to Kawagoe: Part 2
A Day Trip to Kawagoe: Part 2
A Day Trip to Kawagoe: Part 2
A Day Trip to Kawagoe: Part 2

In case you missed my post on Part 1, Kawagoe is located in Saitama prefecture which is only an hour away from Shibuya via the Fukutoshin Line. Here are some things we ate during our day trip at the Kurazukuri-zone. I recommend coming here hungry as there are just too many goodies to eat and we got so full that we couldn’t try everything we wanted to.

I also highly recommend stopping by at KOEDO KURARI which is located on your way to the Kurazukuri-zone. They have so many souvenirs and goodies to buy as gifts, a cafe, restaurant, sake bar, and even an osozai bento shop!

PS: 皆さま、素敵なゴールデンウィークをお過ごし下さい★

5 comments on “Kawagoe: Part 2

  1. Another amazing post. I want to hop on a plane to Japan now!!

    shirley on
    • I think this is a nice little town to visit for sure!

      maki on
  2. Dear maki,
    following your recommendation, today I have gone to Kawagoe. What a great day I have had today. Good food, enjoyable walks. Everything was lovely. Thank you so much. Hope to read you soon of another of your day trip.


    Angelo on
    • Awesome. Glad you enjoyed Kawagoe!

      maki on
  3. Dear Maki,thank you for sharing your experience of kawagoe.
    What time does the shops at kawagoe usually open?

    Gnet on

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